Monday, 23 June 2014

New Zealand .v. England rugby

I arrived at my nana and grandads but I couldent find my grandad until I walked in to his bed room, I new what he was watching than all I herd was yeeesss try, for an 90 year old man he can still yell .
I lay down beside him and then I hear nana say diners ready coming I say I didn't really didn't want it,It was probly burnt something!! I ran down the hall to my tea but I was wrong it was watery soup more like water and chunks of something. Later on I finished my tea and went back into grandads room blocking my ears I hear a tiny dam I New England had scored a try, not for getting 90 year old man!!! It must have been a lot louder if I had my ears un plugged . I sat down and watched some of the game I hear nana open the cupbourd she wanted a game of checkers I left to play checkers  with nana, saying to my saying to my self I'd rather wach the game with my yelling grandad . 
Finly geting back down in to the bed room 5mins before the game ends the game, 3mins later than try grandad and I say yeeesss but not strong anuf to stand up off the bed nz got 36 el got 13 but they were playing prity weak throw !!!


  1. A good story Ruby! Grandad would have liked your company for the rugby. The soup doesn't sound very good! Well done x