Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Book review

            MAZE RUNNER            
Characters) Thomas and the boys from the glade

PLOT )  A boy named Thomas is in a dark metal fore cornered box with hardly any idea of the what the world looks like around him , then the box starts moving and a light appeared . In the middle of the book was hanging out with chuck   When he plays a prank as he began he said to Thomas I love playing pranks . All so in the middle of the book is when Thomas finds himself in a cheer feeling anxious , read to find out what happens . 

I like this book because it is scary and strange and really cool , the class is liking it as we'll . Splash let when Thomas gets blamed for the prank that chuck made . The maze has tall walls and an entrance that closes without warning long passages run for miles with a terrifying beast inside . 

This book has strange but AMAZING vocabulary . And incredible description it really describes how Thomas was feeling through out the book especially when his nerves got the best of him , like when he should of shaken Albys hand but ran skeered , it makes you really want to read it . 

Something I didn't like about the story ) 
It lost my interest when all they did was stare at him , for most of it was done in chapter 1 small amounts were done In chapter 2 . Why it bored me was l was excited to hear the first boy speak
 , but nothing for 5 to 10 minute's . 

I'm in the middle about the author making a connection to the book to the people . Like we learn new things about the world each day as for Thomas he had vague memories about the world as he relearned things about the world . But then can you connect to running terrified in a huge maze ( can you ) . 

I like Thomas because he's interesting with his determination about finding out more about the world , and wondering what was going on in side the maze but I don't think he himself running in the maze , as he shot thought the doors . 

I recommend this book to people who like the hunger games and exciting adventure's . Scary but exciting thrills read the book to find out for your self . 

By Ruby 


  1. What an amazing book review Ruby. I loved how you described it. Thank you for not telling us every thing that happens in the story. I especially liked the end bit when you told us to find out how it ends ourselves because now it makes me really want to find out what happens in the end. Cool book review Ruby.

  2. Great book review ruby ive never read that book before and now I no what's happened perfectly