Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My first two weeks in the senior hub

                                    My first two weeks in the senior hub.   

My highlights for the first two weeks in the senior hub have been the new learning environment with the devices and hub time , all so swimming training and being up steers.

My challenges have been devices learning how to use them them for our learning , hubs / working with the year 6's up stairs. Swapping teachers all the time it gets a little confusing .

Open doors have so Much noise it can get very annoying three class's talking :-( .

I'm looking forward to camp , technology and my arm getting fixed ( Tuesday the 24th ) .

I Felt for the over all two week is happy, scared , worried, afraid,  excited, responseball educated, cool .  

By Ruby ;-)  


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  1. Great paragraph ruby it sounds like you love swimming and being upsteers