Sunday, 8 March 2015

The resurrection

Jesus died for his belief in God
Jesus was a soldier of god that died for us and many, he carried away his cross and was nailed to it on Thursday and died on good Friday, besides two other men betraying criminals they Said to Jesus please tell God that we're sorry for what we did we Sin ,  Jesus replied you are forgiven as they slowly died. A small while later they stabbed Jesus to see if he was dead before stripping him off the cross and was carried to a large hole in the ground called a tomb , he was wrapped in clean white cloth and Laid on a stone bed in the tomb then a large stone was rolled over the entire , one day later he rose from the dead.

This is important for us because if Jesus did not rise from the dead there would be no greater story from the bible, and God would be forgotten ,only none in books and stories .
If we do not have God with us we do not have ourselves we need God & Jesus to keep our two feet off the mud and on the grass too keep us standing strong enough to share about them.

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