Monday, 8 June 2015

21/4/15 The Great Plague

It's a girl in London and she writing a diary and is worried about her aunt looking.

22/4/15 The great plague

In the middle of the pages that we had to read The girls father heard that a scandal has broken out in court of which , papa , had heard from marston  peps

28/4/15 The Great Plague

June the 4th it is lord's day , in the church to give  thanks to the victory at sea . In june the 9th She is talking about how She remembers maggie's sweetheart Jon.June the 14th she said 10 o,clock has struck and she's really worn out so she wrote in her diary in bed  In the term ( saturday )she is confused because she doesn't know what day it is she thinks it's the 18th but she can not get her head straight ( oops!!! reading past where I'm supposed to be)

29/4/15 The Great Plague

On June the 24th a letter from uncle John say to leave London because the plague is taking a firm hold and that they have to leave while they can.
June the 26th is black Monday.her aunt hell is sick and has a terrible headache.On the 1st of July
It is another hot and steamy day if only it would rain and she was shelling peas with her legs crossed and her petticoat round her knees for a little comfort. On July the 10th the doctor says that aunt nell is not getting better but is getting no worse.

4/5/15 The Great Plague
July the 13th in this part it's morning and she woke up by a stone being thrown against the window she looked and saw Luke outside on the street below.
He looked healthy and cheerful that despite his gloomy words but it lifted her ) why is she so excited about this person )

5/5/15 The Great Plague
July the 16th She say she has killed aunt nell the dreadful though would not leave her head she said she would do anything to turn back the clock and save her aunt nell. August the 3ed is her 14th birthday. Two days later she thinks? She say that she has lost track of the days and that last night  she was woken by poppet at the door. Master Winn thinks it's August the 10th
My cwot only 8 more days and I'm free I'm counting the hours until the doctor gives me a letter of health.

6/5/15 The Great Plague
6:00 in the evening
She reads the letter to see if she had the plague and it says that she does not have the plague and that she can go to live with her uncle again so she says that she will take some food and drink in a basket and I will need so money and so will aunt nell' opal brooch and papa's leather bound bible she also says I can't wait for this nightmare to end .
I will take a small inc bottle and a pen to write in her diary.

13/5/15 The Great Plague
September the 19th
She says God be praised he has sent me back my dog thanks so much I'm scared that, that's the truth but it is. But the truth just came out he has cough the plague.

19/5/15 The Great Plague
December the 1st so she says that she has less time to write in her diary after taking Aunt Nells place in the household doing all the cooking cleaning shopping I think that would be hard and tiresome.

20/5/15 the great plague
Latter that day she had taken poppet for a walk to hear the news about the fire. September the 4th she says today papa was not. Required at the office so papa and the girl ventured out together.
I think that the way that the book is going at the moment is quite slow because it's has missed a lot
Of months it just doesn't make sense

27/5/15 the great plague
It is all about queens , kings in who taken the throne.

27/5/15 the great plague
This a sum up of what I think of the book it is not really a good book but it was a little interest but still where's the excitement of a good book it just was not there.


  1. Phew ruby I got a little tired reading all those chapters

  2. Phew i got a little tired reading them