Sunday, 21 June 2015


18/6/15 )( 19/6/15
we were driving up to christchurch and it was poring down with rain and strog winds were blowing. once we got to the airport my ipad fell and smashed the screen not a good way to start the holiday but on the plane it was nice and clear so you could see everthing and we had screen's infront of us so we could wach TV and movies. the flight was 3 hours and 35mins when we had landed there were lights for mills then we gota shuttle van to were we are staying the shuttle took us in a tunnel under the harbor bridge and several tunnels after. today is friday and it was raining we managed to get the train into town and over the harbor bridge then the ferry to Taronga zoo it was great still raining but awesome and the animals were so cool and beautiful i never knew that there was also black cockatoos. then after coming back on the ferry we went past the opera house it was so big and beautiful them on to the aquarium ( SEA LIFE ) sydney. when we walked in it looked amazing i couldn't wait to go inside to the main aquarium part there is tunnels under the sea and you can see sharks, tropical fish and stingray's and you can put your hand in a tank and you can feel starfish and sea slugs that you atre allowed to touch it was weared how sea slugs are so soft unlike starfish.


  1. What a busy day! I bet you loved all the animals a lot at the zoo and the aquarium.

  2. Wow!!! those are awesome pictures you must of been there for ages i love the jelly fish, the huge snake thats probably an anaconda and the huge commando dragon i think