Monday, 24 August 2015

Tracks by Robyn Davidson

Robyn Davidson is a woman from Queensland, Australia, in the 1970. She travels to Alice springs to get some camels and walk across the great Australian desert. It is a lot of work, and she changes into a different person as her gurney progress.
This book is a non- fiction

Robyn starts off on her trip, sometimes annoyed by Rick, a photographer from "National geographic. Another part of her trip is spent in the with Eddie, an old Aborigine man who teaches Robyn the importance of paying attention to the world around her He also helps her let go of her worries about being on time. Robyn faces many dangers in the desert, especially wild camels. She shoots them when they attack.Robyn goes crazy from being by herself in desert, and when she is able to give in to the Aborigine mindset, she finds herself not worrying or panicking and she feels as if could do anything.

Toward the very end, for her dog Diggety it takes a turn for the worst he sadly went off without her in the night and ate poisoned meat. Robyn is upset and devastated by the loss because her dog was only friend and didn't she want to carry on. Soon after a couple of days had passed and still she had gone no further but the next day she find herself hiding from a stream of news reporters, who have heard about the famous "camel lady." Robyn hates tourists, and in her desert state of mind, she cannot begin to deal with interacting with these people. Fortunately, Rick shows up and sends the reporters off on a wild chase to see her at the end of her gurney, this is when she was motivated to finish the final leg of her journey. Afterward, Robyn wishes that she could go back to the sanity and solitude of the desert and feel as if she was one with the world again.

This book has a lot of meaning to it it really describes what Robyn Davidson wants to tell people that it's ok to have wild dreams that you want to achieve pushing through all the things that stood in her way. Robyn is so determined to walk this long hard road to the Indian Ocean.

What liked about this book is that Robyn never gives up she was always going to push her way to victory. Something that I didn't like is that she so inappropriate with what she says in the beginning of the book.

I recommend this book for people that want an adventure and great sense of achievement she is so determined to walk this and it really feels as if your right there experiencing what she is feeling. This is a really strong and amazing book to read.

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