Monday, 3 August 2015


As I got closer and closer , my nerves were pumping, and my adrenaline was rushing.
 just as I pulled up their drive I saw what I was to be working on, it seemed to be my biggest workload yet.
 I got out of the Truck shaking my box of equipment, the owners “crying what is  Wrong with her” I Said I'll do my best. 
I put my stethoscope to her heart the farmers wife saying “her   names sue” what a beautiful name I said. I no what's wrong she's  cracked her radius, I'm afraid sue going to have down to the clinic.
Where's your horse cart “over there he's says” I backed up and hooked on horse got in and drove off.

As we arrived sue was battling to get out my co workers waiting to stop her from creating havoc in the car park.
We pulled and pulled but sue just wouldn't budge.
 Until “here girl Amy was luring her in with some horse food thank goodness for that.
 As the anesthetic pushed its way through the huge horses body, sue slowly went to sleep.
Without a sound we got to work wrapping her leg in plaster, we finally finished as I put the words get well soon on the side of the cast.
Just another day of being a farm vet.

By Ruby Macaulay 

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