Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Veterinary essay

Veterinarian do there best to take care and keep animals we love in the best condition, I have loved animals my whole life and have always wanted more. I like science and I would probably work better with animals and animal lovers. I think being a vet would be a challenge because animals can't tell you what's wrong and where it hurts.

What is the most difficult part of being a vet and vet training would you participate in that activity ?
The challenge starts when you are looking into a job for being a good veterinarian, like taking all the right subjects and getting good grades, mathematics,science, biology and chemistry are all good subjects to look into for your new career in veterinary.There are many difficult challenges and some a worse than others and some people take it a lot better than others and sometimes it can be really hard to tell the owner but it's part of your job and you can't deny the truth it's something you have to do. And there are many hard tasks one of vets least favourites is euthanasia to small animals.
Health is one of the very many part of this job it holds the rough animal line in place.You need to now animal health but human health and activities are a good thing to no as well because sometimes the owners have to be educated too.

New Zealand veterinary association are the main part of New Zealand's vets and they include giving vets important information about new studies and treatment. And as we all know Massey university is the only university in New Zealand that dose  veterinary study.
There program is designed to help you to choose your main focus in your career, because it depends on what type of vet you wanting to be. Study.com gave me some good tips by giving lessons about becoming a vet, plus vet science and a few others.

You must spend 5 years max in veterinary school to beyond the limits, and sometimes you'll find that your job that you most wanted might change because you've found an even better one.  Farm vet so it takes a lot of outdoor practice as well as connections with farm animals.

What are some strengths and weaknesses of being a vet ? 
Some strengths are helping animals and giving them a second chance at life and friendship, another strength is seeing different animals every day some are happy others in pane and Sad. A weakness is definitely euthanasia  and explaining what has to be done next sometimes it's good news  other times it's bad it is one of the hardest part about being a vet.
It's help full to get work experience with your local veterinarian.

What makes a good vet and how could you prepare for the challenges that you will face ?
It helps to have good grades and love animals if you don't have good experience with animals it becomes harder to bond with them, you need a good clear bond with them to get the most out of your assessments and career. Good experience is going to your vets and asking what it's like, there always welcome to answering any questions, it is part of their job. This was one of the answers that I got, Animals look for someone that are confident and not afraid to pick it and face it.

Vets have done a lot for the world's pets and New Zealand's and are looking into more for the world's animals it's not just household pets but wildlife and many more. Vets are a big part of this world and one day I want to be a big part of the veterinary world. 

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